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3 Layer UPVC Roof Tile

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Product name : 3 Layer UPVC Roof Tile

Item : WINS-URT-1350

Details :

Winsroof 3 Layer UPVC roof tile is developed by WINS-research center. The produce of of strict quality control and warranty system.WINS -research center could adjust formula according to the different environments and climate, in order the tile has long-life and better weather-proof performance.


3-layer Heat Insulation UPVC Roof Tile uses 3-layer extrusion technology; each layer materials have different features and performance:

(1) Surface layer: The material is UPVC with weather-proof &anti-corrosion materials  to improve product durability and resistance to chemical corrosion, In the high UV area, Winsroof could apply ASA or PMMA on the surface to block the solar and UV Radiation, and improve weatherproof performance,

(2). Middle layer: The special foam structure and material are of good performance of heat and sound insulation.

(3). Underlying layer: The special material to increase strength and rigidity.

Products features and advantages       

(1).Excellent thermal insulation

(2) Excellent sound insulation

(3).Excellent corrosion resistance

(4).Stable and variety colors, high strength

(5).Fire-proof and long lifespan

(6) Easy installation


(1) Thickness: 2.0mm, 2.5mm,3.0mm

(2) Total width: 1070mm,1130mm,1350mm

(3) Color: white, light yellow, blue, green, grey or Customized according requirement of client

(4) Length: customized according the requirement of client (5.8m for 20 feet container,11.8m for 40 feet container)

Profile 1.WINS-UPVC-Roof Tile T1130

Profile 2.WINS-UPVC-Roof Tile T1350

Width:1.13mt  or 1.35mt    Length: 5.8mt Y11.8mt

Color: Blue, Light Yellow, Green or customized in the top layer and white color in the bottom layer.

Weigh per M2: 3.5kg /m2 for 2.0 mm, 4.5kg /m2 for 2. 5 mm Y 5.5kg /m2 for 3. 0 mm

Thickness:2.0mm,2.5mm Y3.0mm

Service life:20 years;Warranty:12 Years

WINS-UPVC-Roof Tile T1070


Length: 5.8mt Y11.8mt

Color: White,Blue, Light Yellow, Green or customized

Weigh per M2: 3.8kg /m2 for 2, 5 mm , 4.5kg /m2 for 2, 5 mm

Thickness:2.5mm Y3.0mm

Service life:20yearslWarranty:10 Years.


Workshops,industrialbuilding,warehouse,parking,bus station,gymnasium,ralwaystation and etc.


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